The UK has an unregulated franchise market. Additionally there are many reasons why Canadian brands should franchise in the UK. Franchising is very popular over the pond. It is no surprise that it is the preferred international market for many North American brands.

Franchising in the UK

The UK market is worth around £18 Billion annually. With over 60 million people it is also twice the size of Canada. At least in population terms anyway! The success rate of British franchise owners creates a very strong appeal to become a franchisee. Most annual surveys find that over 90% of franchisees are trading profitably. Outside of the franchise industry over 50% of startups fail within two years. A figure that is likely to be even higher due to the chancellor’s decision not to support any startups younger than 12 months affected by Coronavirus! That said the UK franchise industry has thrived every year it has been measured and also grown through the previous three recessions. So part from being unregulated it is a fertile hunting ground for Canadian brands. Furthermore there are some other key reasons why Canadian brands should franchise in the UK, it’s location to other countries …

Proximity to Ireland and the EU

Like the UK, Ireland is unregulated too. So are the Netherlands. Belgium has a form of disclosure as do some other EU countries. As a result, if you are a Canadian franchisor and you’re looking at the EU then the UK is the best place to start. Lime has a team of six franchise recruiters and four regional offices already active in the UK. Our unique service provides a seamless route for Canadian brands to enter the UK. You can use much of what you already have with minimal changes. Your prospectus will need some tweaks to satisfy the English dialect. Your legals ideally will be under UK law so that local enforcement has more power too.

Getting the right advice to decide why Canadian brands should franchise in the UK

Many North American brands are active in the UK. Lime offers a complete solution to Canadian brands to excel in the UK. With native English speaking executives, an English address and phone number for our clients you’ll fit right in. One thing that is against Canadian brands is the time zone where early morning in Winnipeg is late afternoon in England. However, with a UK team representing you in that exact time zone there will be no late night calls required. Contact our Director of Canada, Bonnie Northey today on (204) 292-4961 to find out more. Or visit our contact page to enter your details and we’ll contact you promptly.