Franchise recruitment in Canada

Franchise recruitment in Canada

Lime Licensing Group has a perfect outsourced service designed to help any company recruiting franchisees in Canada.

We have a strong pedigree in franchising and licensing stretching back al the way to 1993. Lime Licensing Group has already recruited over 2,000 single unit franchisees in the UK and generated royalties in excess of £100 million. Now with it’s incredibly successful blueprint, Lime is in Canada and is bringing it’s secret sauce to Canada’s franchisors. As a result we can help you to grow quickly. To find the right franchisees, and if you are looking to establish a new brand then our 8 week franchise setup blueprint to launch a new franchise system is second to none.

Our recruitment service concentrates on what matters most – a slick and professional enquiry handling process. By outsourcing the time consuming stages of recruiting franchisees in Canada we can limit your time to those with a genuine interest. Lime’s reporting dashboard provides franchisors with key metrics including:

  • The number of leads
  • The source of each enquiry
  • The cost per lead
  • The cost per meeting
  • The cost per placement
  • Heat map on which marketing is most cost effective.

Essentially we act as an outsourced or supplemental franchise department. Furthermore, we are here for you on an interim basis. We can be an extra pair of hands at franchise events, or to provide cover when a key member of your team is absent through illness, or other reasons.

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