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Interested in franchising your business but just haven’t ever got round to it yet?
Well, now it can be done online at a pace to suit you. This is Lime’s first ever online franchise training course. Furthermore this isn’t some idle webinar series. This is personally completed, one to one, with you online and on your timetable.Lime Licensing Group’s Exclusive One-to-One Online Training For Franchising.

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To start your online franchise training we’ll begin by covering the core elements that any franchise brand needs to have in place before launching any franchise system. It’s a valuable first step for any potential franchisor. Just contact us using the form below to get started..

What is it?

Our fully supported “live” franchise training it’s fully customised for your brand and sector. we’ll go through setting up your franchise on your timetable. Step by step on Zoom, Skype or Facetime our Director of Canada, Bonnie Northey will guide in person. This 8 module course will is our internationally proven elite franchise blueprint. Everything required can be covered on screen share and video conference.

The elite franchisor blueprint has hatched numerous market leading brands worth millions of dollars. It is different to all other consultant packages out there because it has been created by a multiple franchisor who has had networks comprising hundreds of franchisees.

Why we know what we're talking about

$100 million in royalty generated for our clients

2,000 Individual Franchises Sold

75+ Franchise Models Designed

Elite franchise blueprint

The elite franchise blueprint is unique in the Canadian franchise industry. Created entirely by Lime Licensing Group without using any of the readily available rehashed templates and free internet documents that usually lead to failure. Franchising is a delicate balance of working arrangements, legals and financial elements. The results can be so substantial, it’s simply not worth risking it by cutting corners.

Originally the new franchisor setup was exclusively used to grow our founders family business. That company supplied greeting cards to retailers on the basis that they only paid for what they sold. Appletree Cottage grew to become an International brand that had over 10,000 retailers all of whom were monthly repeat clients. Those lessons learned back then and ever since have refined our new franchisor blueprint. We have subsequently created other franchised systems that we owned ourselves in several other markets, all of which were very successful and market leading brands. Lime Licensing Group is a franchised organisation over in the UK and an independent office in Canada. 

Online franchise training honed through experience

Every mistake that you might make yourself is known to us. We’ve literally made every mistake already and we can teach you how to navigate safely around that. 10 years ago we began helping other brands to franchise their businesses. We already knew what they’d need and the consequences of every decision taken along the way.  Lime’s Canadian franchisor blueprint has evolved and been adapted to every market sector, price point and category. Our clients have sold over $100million in franchise fees.

Lime has also been behind 2,000 franchise startups and hundreds of franchise resales.

Bonnie Northey has the knowledge, resources and capacity to work with you to franchise your business. Furthermore once you are underway her colleagues in the UK will introduce your brand to the unregulated UK franchise market and into Europe. No other consultancy has this pathway already in place and franchising in the UK is huge!

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