Franchise Consultants in Canada

Franchise Expertise in Canada

Steve Collette offers a unique new option to those looking for franchise consulting in Canada. He covers all of Canada helping potential franchisors to create franchise systems and recruit franchisees. Steve’s background is in franchising and he is a current board member of the Canadian Franchise Association. Steve has extensive executive contacts throughout North America and also the highly developed UK market. As Lime’s Director of Canada Steve heads up all our activities in North America.

Franchise success you benefit from

Lime Licensing Group has become one of Europes most consistently successful franchise consulting firms. We can now directly help any company that is looking for franchise consulting in Canada. Or for that matter anywhere else in North America. Bonnie works with entrepreneurial Canadian brands to explore the potential for them to create a franchise system. New franchisors benefit from a totally unique 8 week franchise setup programme. Once that is complete Bonnie can recruit franchisees for her clients throughout Canada.

Many of Lime’s clients have become amazing franchising success stories. Previous Lime clients have multi million dollar vacations and market leading positions. When you meet us and we share or approach you’ll soon see why ew can make the difference between success and failure. Particularly when you want to grow overseas.

Unique Franchise Blueprint

Lime’s unique franchisor blueprint has been the springboard that has taken many clients to market leading positions. We can help your company to do the same. Not just in North America but also, ultimately, into the unregulated UK and European market place.  Lime has a team of UK franchise consultants are immediately ready.

If you are a Canadian brand with aspirations to grow beyond Canada there is no one better suited to make this happen for you. The first step is to have a successful Canadian network. Once that is established and the format has been proven to work Bonnie can seamlessly promote your franchise brand across the pond. Or into nearby North America.

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