Expert Franchise Brokers for Businesses in Canada

Franchise Brokers in Canada and all of North America play a crucial role in uniting entrepreneurs and franchisers. Here at the International Head Office of Lime Licensing Group we work with a growing number of franchise brands and entrepreneurs. Our role is to consult and recommend the best fit franchise for all parties. We we work right across Canada.

We look at all the most important factors including your skillset, experience, income aspirations, budget and of course work/life balance. With that information to hand we go out to the market and find out which franchisors have availability in your region.

Franchise Brokers making a deal in Canada
Franchise Strategy in Canada

Unadvertised opportunities

One key advantage working with Lime is that we also know many brands that are unadvertised. Several companies are planning to launch a franchise and we are currently consulting with them. We can give you advance notice of when the franchise is launched. As a result you’ll be among the first to know.

There are also many franchise resales available throughout Canada. These fall into several categories from fully fledged ongoing concerns, through to re-start franchises. Many of these franchise gems are difficult to find. But Lime knows where to find them and we can share that information with you.

International brands

Thanks to our extensive UK operation we have a larger pool of available franchises than most franchise brokers in Canada. Many incredibly successful franchise brands in the UK are looking for Canadian entrepreneurs to introduce their model to Canada. For the right person there are generous franchise terms on offer. With a master franchise there is usually greater scope to create a larger business than you could with a single franchise from a domestic brand.

Our service is free of charge to potential franchisees, so whatever franchise system you are thinking of joining take ten minutes to speak to us and it could be the ten minutes that changes your life!

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