Canadian Franchise Association

Canadian Franchise Association

Lime Licensing appointed as members of the Canadian Franchise Association.

Canadian Franchise Association

From May 1st Lime Licensing Group were appointed as members fo the Canadian Franchise Association. Lime's service is aimed at new and established franchisors and franchise owners.

New Franchise brands

Lime has a specific solution for prospective franchisors. Any company that wants to explore franchising has a myriad of options to choose from. Starting with federal and state compliance Lime guides new franchise brands on all of the complexities involved. Decisions need to be taken regarding the right balance of fees. Protecting intellectual property and deciding on territorial rights also needs considering. So too do all the aspects of the franchisee/franchisor relationship in Canada. Our 8 week new franchisor blueprint is unique to Lime and has been the foundation for dozens of franchisors for many years.

Established franchise brands

Mature franchisors all face the same issues. Once a network starts to fill up it becomes harder and more expensive to complete the network. However, Lime's database of prospective franchise owners helps to fill regional vacancies. As a result Lime can recruit every type of franchise opportunity be that a startup, a resale or what we term a restart franchise. That is where a failed location needs a new owner. A perennial issue with employed franchise staff is that they become sector specialists. Consequently employed staff do not experience what works in other sectors, price points and categories. Lime shares best practice from all around the industry based on factually what is working within the other brands that we work with. Similarly you'll find us on most forums and at shows keeping up to date with all that matters.

Franchise owners from Canadian Franchise Association brands

Lime has a brilliant solution for franchisees to help them to sell their franchise on to someone else. We work with the owners directly and liaise with the franchisor and the buyer. Lime can bring a franchise resale to a brokered outcome that suits all the parties involved. We will also work with non Canadian Franchise Association franchises provided they are bonafide franchise systems.

Potential franchisees

Those people who are considering franchising as an option could do a lot worse than talking to us. We are independent franchise specialists who can help a prospective franchisee to find the perfect franchise match. Furthermore we will help any potential franchisee to assess the right franchise opportunity free of charge. Lime are trusted, confidential advisors. Because our fees are paid by the franchisors we'll help you for free. Putting in the legwork to find the perfect franchise opportunity. The criteria we consider includes, investment level, skill set, location, market sector and new and mature formats. Lime also has unique access to UK brands that are looking to come over to Canada. Many of these brands are unadvertised.

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